• QWhat are the characteristics of new energy vehicles?

    ANew energy vehicles, that is, the use of new clean energy as power, to replace the usual use of high pollution

  • QWhat are the key technologies of new energy vehicles?

    ANew energy vehicle vehicle, motor, motor controller, battery and system assembly technology

  • QWhat are power batteries, what are their characteristics, and which batteries are suitable for power batteries?

    AThere is no clear definition of power battery academia. But the basic agreement of the global electric vehicle industry: The batteries that provide driving power for electric vehicles are called power batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and emerging lithium-ion power batteries, which are divided into power-type power batteries (hybrid vehicles) and energy-type power batteries ( pure electric vehicles). Lithium batteries used in consumer electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers are generally collectively referred to as lithium batteries to distinguish them from lithium batteries for electric vehicles (power lithium batteries). Power battery is the most critical technology for the development of electric vehicles. Traditional lead acid